Funded on Kickstarter

The Game


After the success of our previous Kickstarter campaign, Mysthea, we have decided to expand its wonderful game world creating a new competitive and fast paced deck-building card game for two players set in the same stunning universe!

In the game you will employ everything you have trying to destroy all your opponent cities. Your army and Qoam manipulation will be your most reliable asset, but you will also be able to try to tame and control Volfyirion the Dragon: a dreadful beast that can bring destruction on the battlefield on your behalf. Beware: your opponent will try to do the same!

Volfyirion will be a standalone card game that can be played with just a deck of cards and an included wooden token to represent the dragon.


The Dragon Miniature

During the campaign of Mysthea, the “Volarees Dragon” was one of the most requested add-ons and we really wanted to make it happen. This game is the perfect opportunity for us to make it a reality and we decided to expand it with a 120mm miniature available as an optional add-on.

Since this dragon mini was so requested, we want to include everyone in this project. If you aren't interested in the card game we will also offer the option to get just the dragon's miniature and add it to your collection along with Mysthea!

The game is much simpler than our previous titles and it will be in a shockingly low price range! With Volfyirion we want to make the wonderful world of Mysthea available to everyone.

The game is illustrated by Mysthea's lead artist Travis Anderson and beign set 60 years before the events of the board game it will expand deeply the existing lore, giving you new exciting details about the Kingdom’s history and how it become what it is today!

Key Features

  • Shockingly low special Kickstarter Price

  • Additional game modes added with Stretch Goals (4 player, coop, solo)

  • 80+ Cards with 60+ Original Artworks

  • High replayability and strategic options

  • Fast paced competitive gameplay

  • A standalone game that fits neatly in a portable box

  • 120mm Miniature add-on with special rules to use it on Mysthea!