Mysthea and Icaion Expansion


Volfyirion’s Miniature on Mysthea

Volarees hubris has taken a toll on the Guild. When they decided to deploy Volfyirion alongside their troops on the journey to the sacred Islands, the wild energies erupting from the Henakor, the most powerful Qoam crystal, unshackled Volfyirion from the Guild’s control. The dreadful creature is now on a rampage, threatening the success of all other Guilds’ expeditions, too.

The Guilds are now forced to join forces in order to defeat the dreadful and fearful dragon.

Cooperation is fundamental to survive the fearsome beast. Yet, no real trust is built between the Guilds, since a retreat in the most critical moment could drastically unsettle their balance.

Those who will defeat the dragon will be able to retrieve crystal shards and enhance their assets.


Volfyirion’s threat


When using the Dragon Miniature add-on in Mysthea, its Monster Card is revealed from the first Era.

The Dragon Miniature is placed in the center of the map: this will prevent the Islands from moving.

When the storm card is played, Volfyirion will move towards the Island it is facing to attack it.


Defend the island

During the dragon’s attack, all players are called upon to defense. It is up to each player to stand up to their nemesis or call a retreat and abandon the opponents to their fate!

If Volfyirion is not defeated, it will destroy everything on the unfortunate Island.


Ongoing Bonuses

Only players who show their courage by facing and defeating Volfyirion are able to retrieve one of the five Qoam crystals  placed at the base of the miniature. Beware, though, there will be no rewards for those who vacillate in the moment of need. Then, players are able to spend the crystals in order to boost the effects of some cards.

Champions located on the Island will be cast out and Volfyirion will nest its lair in the Island. Until the end of the Era no type of unit is allowed to enter it.

At the beginning of the next Era the dragon will return to the middle of the five Islands, at the center of the game board. Now units can access again the previously occupied Island.


What about Icaion?

Volfyirion is a huge flying dragon and is one of the few beings capable of moving freely between Mysthea, the floating lands, and Icaion, the world below the sea of clouds. We have already thought about some challenging dynamics that will give again the spotlight to this dreadful dragon. Soon, we will share with you further details about how Volfyirion will be part of the world of Icaion.

Since Mysthea will merge with Icaion to create Mysthea The Fall. This is not a chance we want to miss: Volfyirion will have a crucial role in the final chapter of this saga.

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