Volfyirion Miniature


During our previous Kickstarter campaign for Mysthea, we received a ton of requests from our backers wondering if there was a chance to tell the story of the Volarees Guild’s Dragon and this is exactly what we accomplished.

Now we are proud to show you how we developed the dreadful Volfyirion!

The Design Process


First sketches

At first we thought Volfyirion should be represented with its head up right, to better showcase its design and shape. Yet, after working on it a bit, we decided that it wasn’t dynamic enough for a dreadful dragon. We tried to move the head aside, but it didn’t enhance all the features of the dragon.

Refining the pose

The dragon design was solid, so we tried to work more on the pose. At first we tried to point Volfyirion’s face upwards with all its tail down on the ground and its claws up in the air. We felt it was cool, yet it wasn’t much of a dragon posture. Lastly, we tried to take advantage of its peculiar shape and we developed the last pose on the right of the second sketch.


Final design

We gathered a lot of feedback and we understood that this pose was really appreciated. We believe that Volfyirion with its tail wrapped around its body and the menacing look is the one that represents it better and we decided to go down this route. This pose showcases all its might and how dangerous it would be to face it.


The miniature is really big in size, precisely 120mm tall and presents all the majestic details you would expect from a fearsome dragon.

Not Just a Miniature

The miniature is also available as a standalone miniature separated from the card game. We decided to create a whole new set of rules for Mysthea, making a mini expansion that can be bought by itself if backers just want to add the dragon to their collection.

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