The City of Kyradar, miles away west of Ilvash. The whole place lies in ruins after being sieged by King Ahatils during his conquest of Mysthea.

Now two Houses are ruling these lands on the King's behalf behalf while he's far away busy with his relentless conquest, each controlling three former provinces of the now derelict Kyradar.



The Houses ruled their lands peacefully, until one day a dreadful beast came from the sky and settled in the ruins of Kyradar, creating its lair in the remains of this once noble place. Volfyirion the Dragon, a creature that struck terror in the heart of anyone who encountered it.

After some time things settled and the two Houses started to approach the beast learning that they could tame it with the use of their Qoam powers. Things escalated immediately, with each House trying to be the one to gain complete control of the dreadful creature.  


A war between the two Houses started and only one will prevail, gaining complete control of the beast and setting its mark in Mysthea history.

Volfyirion is a fast-paced competitive deck-building card game for two players set sixty years before the events of Mysthea. Gain control of Volfyirion the Dragon and unleash destruction on every city your rival House controls!