A Strategic Card Game

Volfyirion is a fast-paced competitive deck-building card game for two players.

If you enjoy a quick and intense match with a lot of strategic choices, you are going to love it!

You will have to destroy your opponent cities while defending yours. Employ your army, use your special power or, if you are brave enough, try to tame Volfyirion itself and have it unleash destruction on the battlefield.

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Key Features

  • Carefully develop your deck to destroy enemy cities

  • Create powerful combos triggering devastating effects

  • Focus resource generation prioritizing for your strategy

  • Employ your defenses protecting your cities from the enemy

  • Refine your deck and specialize removing cards

  • Obtain control of Volfyirion the dragon and unleash it on enemy cities

  • Or defeat the dreadful dragon and gain its hoard to subvert the enemy dominance

  • Balanced game play with symmetrical starting decks

  • High replayability with a lot of different strategic paths available

  • Additional game modes added with unlocked Stretch Goals (4 player, co-op, solo)

  • 136 Cards and 64 Original Artworks

  • Enjoy the community Translations available in 16 languages

  • Now with a Screen Printed token of the dragon Volfyirion unlocked with Stretch Goals


Expanding the mysterious world of Mysthea


Miniature Add-on

During the Kickstarter campaign of our previous game Mysthea, the “Volarees Dragon” was one of the most requested add-ons and we really wanted to make it happen. Driven by the enthusiasm of our community we decided to set this game we had in the works in the universe of Mysthea, adding the dreadful dragon as an optional component!

The Volfyirion miniature was so requested by our community that we decided to include everyone in this project. If you aren't interested in the card game, we also offer you the option to get just the dragon's miniature and add it to your collection!

The miniature is 120mm tall and includes special rules to be used on Mysthea as an expansion!

Illustrated by Travis Anderson



The City of Kyradar, miles away west of Ilvash. The whole place lies in ruins after being sieged by King Ahatils during his conquest of Mysthea.

Now two Houses are ruling these lands on the King's behalf while he's far away busy with his relentless conquest, each controlling three former provinces of the now derelict Kyradar.

The Houses ruled their lands peacefully, until one day a dreadful beast came from the sky and settled in the ruins of Kyradar, creating its lair in the remains of this once noble place. Volfyirion the Dragon, a creature that struck terror in the heart of anyone who encountered it.

After some time things settled and the two Houses started to approach the beast learning that they could tame it with the use of their Qoam powers. Things escalated immediately, with each House trying to be the one to gain complete control of the dreadful creature.


A war between the two Houses started. Only one will prevail and control the Dragon.

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