Lusma – Guild of Faith

We are so excited to introduce the fifth Guild of Ilvash! Thanks to our backers on Kickstarter, we have been able to expand Mysthea to include a 5-player mode. So, first of all thank you so much to all of you who have supported us. We love this process because it helps us improve the game we have worked so hard on!

So, enough of that! Let’s get on with the introductions. Lusma, the Guild of Faith, has some very particular reasons for wanting to send their Champion to the unknown floating islands.

Lusma, guild of faith. The 5th guild of Mysthea

Lusma, guild of faith. The 5th guild of Mysthea

Lusma claims to be the Guild of the people. They represent the interests of everyone left behind by other, wealthier Guilds. Despite their humble claims, they hold immense power inside the city walls since the majority of the population would be ready to rise up in their name if called upon.

They are the spiritual and religious leaders of this world and are in the rare position of deciding what is right and what is wrong. More than once they’ve used this to their advantage, leveraging their moral influence to manipulate powerful individuals to get exactly what they wanted.

They venerate the Henakor, and believe that it holds together not only their world, but the whole universe. They also believe that they are the elected species, since they were chosen to live so close to the crystal. They worship the Qoam as sacred, considering the crystals to be parts of a god. They only use its power under ceremonious circumstances, and with great care.

They have created a practice of chanting prayers before calling upon the power of Qoam and have tried to convince their people to treat the crystals with the same veneration. In reality, very few and only the most devout follow these instructions. In the past, they have been known to persecute troublesome individuals who threaten the faith.

When Magista asked Lusma to help fund research of the artefact, the Faith understood its importance and contributed a large sum. However, in return they demanded their influence be known. They coerced the Scholars into declaring publicly that the knowledge and wisdom of the  Lusma aided immensely in the success of the project even if, in reality, they only contributed financially.

The Lusma fund the expedition and their chosen Champion because they believe that once they reach the Henakor, their god will finally reward their faith, giving them unimaginable powers.

So, now that you know the identities of all the Guilds, next time we are going to talk more in depth about the Champions they selected to travel to the uncharted floating islands. After all, they are the ones risking the most in this new endeavor!

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