The Machine


A crafted soul

An autonomous machine built by the Industrialists in an effort to make expeditions by themselves without relying on the Organization and to avoid paying their cut. The Industrialists invested a lot of resources in building the Machine, hoping that they could just send machines outside without having to pay the costly labor expenses and bonuses required by the Seekers.

The concept art of the Machine

The concept art of the Machine

An iron will

In the first field experiments, The Machine showed useful skills and a great ability for adaptation outside, but it was unable to work completely by itself. A full convoy made entirely of machines was unfortunately unrealistic, since it needed to bring a team of Seekers with itself, like any other expeditions.

The Industrialists’ goal to not rely on expert Seekers was far from being achieved and the research and development procedure needed to reach it by adjusting the design flaws of the Machine was too expensive. Therefore the Industrialists decided that it wasn’t possible to recover on their investment and they sold the design to the Organization to recoup the research costs incurred so far. The Organization now employs the Machine as an overseer of the most technical expeditions, in which its built in tools give it an edge.


The last seeker unveiled, but we have great plans to add more with Stretch Goals during our campaign!. Brace yourselves to immerse in the world of Icaion.

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