The Creature


A strange being

Here’s finally unveiled the third Seeker, this mysterious creature is unique and it doesn’t come from the City, but it still managed to become an invaluable asset for the Organization. What’s its true nature and how it managed to join the Organization?


A unique ability

The Creature is not from the city, it appeared one day around the city walls and quickly demonstrated that it wasn’t a threat. It learned how to communicate perfectly in the people’s language in a matter of days, showing that it is in its nature to learn almost everything in an extremely short time.

This ability seems to be the peculiarity of this species, they are able to learn and master even the most complex skill really quickly, but unfortunately they can do this only for a few skills at a time. This is not a major problem since they can forget and relearn things so fast that they just end up switching between skills frequently.

This unique flexibility made The Creature very interesting to the Organization that started to employ it in as many of the most various tasks possible. Independently of what task it’s assigned, it is capable of spending very few days with proficient instructors and it will rapidly learn everything needed to perform the task.

The Creature always carries an object in two of its four hands and many people believe that it is this object which conveys its learning power.

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