The Heir


A privileged man

Meet another member of the Seekers: the Heir of a wealthy family from the powerful Farmers’ Class. As all the members of this privileged elite, he grew up in a sheltered and wealthy environment under the sunlight that so many in the rest of the City missed out on.

How could one such as him end up living the risky life of a Seeker?


Just a game

His decision to go outside the City limits to participate in dangerous missions has raised questions from other Seekers since he's the heir of a huge estate of lands near the crystal, and he has always lived a comfortable and easy life under the sun.

Some years ago he decided to find some thrill and used his family influence to join the Organization, climbing the ranks without any merit. Unlike other Seekers, he doesn’t run any real dangers outside of the city, since the Commanders of the Organization ensure his safety by surrounding him of well trained men tasked with keeping him alive in the wilderness.

He joined and started to guide expeditions only for his leisure, most often than not failing the objective and endangering the whole convoy with his lack of knowledge and expertise combined with his unwillingness to listen to the more experienced Seekers’ advice about the harsh wilderness of the regions.

The Organization has learned that he’s a liability more than anything else, but his ruthless methods and complete disregard for others allowed him to do things from time to time that, at the end of the day, were very valuable for the Organization. Considering also that his family influence is strong and their pockets are deep, the Organization still allows him to have his little game outside the City walls, hoping that his ruthless aspect will overcome his stubbornness.

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