The Lone Survivor


The first Seeker Unveiled

We are excited to show you the design of our first Seeker, one of the characters that you will be able to play in Icaion!

Here’s The Lone Survivor. The design convey the idea of a “frontiersman” who can handle himself in most situations in the harsh, unforgiving regions beyond the City walls. You’ll find out more about the Lone Survivor as you delve into this world. What is it about him and that strange object he carries?

A scarred man

The Lone Survivor is a hardened man who has worked with the Organization for many years. He originates from the Workers’ class and he originally joined the Organization to elevate his status at to live an acceptable life. However, several years ago he returned alone from a mission that originally departed with more of 50 other Seekers. Only the highest echelons of the Organization knows what happened to all the other seekers and everyone else is just left to speculation about those events.

Since his return, he’s deeply changed, as he witnessed something capable of breaking even the toughest men. He carries a strange artifact with him, an item he brought back from the same damned expedition. Now he is hardened by these events and among seekers he is known to be almost totally unscrupulous in reaching an objective, which fuels even more rumors and speculation as to what happened in his expedition.

Untitled design.png

This is just the beginning! We have a lot of new content to share with you about Icaion, from other Seekers to other parts of lore and artwork, into the discovery of this amazing world, so don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to remain updated about the development of Icaion.

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