Volfyirion is Available for Late Pledge

Volfyirion was a huge Kickstarter success, reaching 8904 backers and being 1223% overfunded!

It has been a campaign full of excitement where our community shined with enthusiasm and engagement.

We were able to unlock every Stretch Goal we came up with, among other things the final version of the game will have:

  • Bigger boxes to hold all the sleeved cards

  • Thicker cardboard for all the boxes

  • Spot UV finish

  • Upgraded quality Cards

  • Color blind friendly cards

  • Improved app with tons of features

  • Solo player mode

  • Four player mode

  • Co-op mode

  • Special new rules for the detachable Qoam Crystals

  • More than 17 Community Translations!

  • Screen Printed Volfyirion Token

  • Lot of new cards and artworks

  • Community Workshop Support

  • Much much more!

You missed the Campaign? Don’t worry! The game is now available for late pledge.

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