In Mysthea miniatures play a fundamental role since they allow the player to get immersed in the mysterious world of Mysthea,

Some miniatures were added to the game through several stretch goals unlocked during the campaign. Let’s delve more into the miniatures of Mysthea.

Champions of Ilvash


Champion of Ilvash is a title bestowed only to the most talented individuals of the Kingdom, a title that comes with a lot of duties and honors.

Some of your Champions are cunning warriors. Anuth and Leheir, for instance are used to the battlefield and have witnessed the horrors of war. While others, like Telron and Celethe, are powerful Qoam Manipulators and spent year after year studying the Qoam crystals and its properties.

Every Champion has its own unique background, but what they really have in common is their wish to serve the citizens, the Guilds and the Kingdom. They are waiting for their duty and they won’t vacillate in the moment of need.



This planet lands are scattered with strange creatures. Some of them can be peaceful at time, the ones whose presence you could allow within your city walls. One example is Onygauros, the Collector, the smartest creature after humans.

The other kind, the kind that no-one ever dares to cross path with, includes monsters like Kodror the Infestation. This mold-like life form is deadly toxic and its specialty is to attach itself to every living being and kill them.

Beware, even peaceful monsters can become dangerous if exposed to the wild energy of the Qoam and, in either case, an encounter with them can become deadly in the blink of an eye.


You will have an entire army always by your side, eight Troop miniatures and four Golem miniatures. Deploy your units, order them to travel to different regions and choose where the battle will start.

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