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In Mysthea, you control a Champion with unique skills. Your goal is to explore five islands floating around the gravitational force of a mysterious crystal.

The game is a carefully crafted fusion of hand-management and area control, with hefty player customization, asymmetric gameplay and a variable scoring system.


Area Control

The area control aspect of the game is based on a dynamic map that is constantly transforming because of the player action and choice.


The shifting game map means that player strategy has to take into consideration the possibility of change just around the corner, creating a new layer of strategic depth to time tested area-control mechanics.

For example, a player could suddenly move their entire army by shifting the land beneath them. They could split a rival Champion from their troops, or endanger them by driving them closer to a monster. In Mysthea monsters move and attack abruptly, and are almost invincible when challenging a single Champion. Players must cooperate for a chance to defeat them. These are just a few of the possible strategic outcomes that these mechanics enable.

Hand Management

Players start the game with a small set of cards and they can acquire new ones from a common display during their turn, increasing possibilities and strategies.

Each card is unique, making the hand management mechanism the other core aspect of the game. Deciding when and how to use a card is a huge part of Mysthea, since players will collect them back at the start of each new Era. This means that every card can be used multiple times in different ways. This creates a deep, tense tactic and strategic planning, always very different and highly customizable to your favorite play-style.

Make-your-choice Encounters

During gameplay, players will face encounters with two possible paths on a card and will have to choose the one that seems to bring the best outcome for their Champion’s journey. In this image, for example, you could choose to make a surprise attack on a camp, probably influencing other players. Or you could ignore that option to explore the curious crystal structure in the distance, hoping to find something that could empower your Champion. What would you choose?

Combat, Variable Scoring System and even more!

Players will combat monsters and other players, strategize and perform many other actions during gameplay that can grant endless strategic possibilities.

Game Components

  • 20 Golem Miniatures (10 in each of the two alternative poses)

  • 40 Troop Miniatures (8 in each of the five alternative poses)

  • 5 Artefact Tokens (Double-sided)

  • 5"+100" Glory Points/"+200" Glory Points Markers (Double-sided)

  • 20 Fortification Tokens

  • 5 Energy Tokens

  • 5 Encounter Tokens

  • 5 Mirage Tokens

  • 5 Experience Tokens

  • 5 Glory Tokens

  • 65 Colored Bases (13 for each player)

  • 5 Battle Seals

  • 5 Cards Reference Sheets

  • 1 Custom Token Bag

  • 1 Game Board

  • Events Board

  • 5 Floating Islands

  • 5 Player Boards

  • 7 Champion Cards

  • 5 Attunement Cards (Double-sided: Day and Night)

  • 30 Encounter Cards

  • 80 Command Cards

  • 7 Monster Cards

  • 5 Region Cards

  • 1 Storm Card

  • 15 Game Summary Cards in 6 languages

  • 7 Champion Miniatures

  • 7 Monster Miniatures

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