The Ancient Guilds of Ilvash

Each guild, with its own unique history and interests, has its reasons to be the first to explore these islands.

Varorin – Guild of Merchants

The Merchant Guild represents the interests of merchants, bankers, and those involved in commerce. They ensure that taxation remains bearable and goods can travel freely within the Kingdom. Some have speculated those of this guild are richer than the crown and it’s not implausible since wealthy people gladly make voluntary donations in exchange for special considerations.

They were the first guild to understand that with the aid of the artefact and enough concentration, a talented Qoam manipulator could move a Qoam-powered airship from their homeland to the nearest of the five islands, successfully taking an explorer there, and from this everything started.

Their sole goal is to create wealth. They see the new islands as possible sources of abundant resources and riches. They fund the expedition in hopes of great returns.

Volarees – Guild of Nobility


This guild represents the interests of the pure blooded noblemen close to the crown who live off their family inheritances. They formed this guild when they noticed the King began to delegate power. They understood that if they did not begin to protect their interests, they would lose much in the long term.

Their power is entirely tied to land ownership but if the people were to stop believing the guild was powerful, they would probably stop being so. They understand the value of land and even more so the value of being the first to obtain it. They finance the exploration of the Henakor because they believe conquest is essential to maintaining their social status and thus their power.

Lusma – Guild of Faith


This guild claims to represent the interests of those left behind by the other, wealthier guilds. Despite what they say, they hold immense power inside the city walls since the majority of the population is always ready to answer their call. They are the spiritual and religious leaders of this world. They are in the rare position of deciding what is right and what is wrong. More than once they used this power to their own advantage, to the point that a simple threat was enough to get what they wanted.

They venerate the Henakor, sure that it holds together not only their world, but the entire universe. They are the elected species, since they are the ones living so close to the crystal. They also believe that the Qoam, being parts of a god, are sacred objects that should only be used under certain circumstances and with great care. They chant prayers before using them. In reality, nobody follows their instructions regarding this matter, but this doesn't stop them from using it as an excuse to persecute troublesome individuals.

They are sure that once they reach the Henakor and conquer those lands, their god will finally reward their faith.

Kaetur – Guild of Soldiers


The most feared guild on the entire island is composed of soldiers, military officials, and security militias. Although they swear loyalty to the crown, but the guild has been known to utilize power to promote their own interests in the past. From intimidation and violence to other more subtle approaches, they obtain what they want in one way or another. They tend to keep a low profile and do not usually involve themselves in politics, until they very much need something. When they do get involved everybody knows they are going to get what they want.

They fund the expeditions because they need to maintain control over all the territories known to man, to avoid even the slightest chance of losing their grip among the other guilds.

Magista – Guild of Scholars


This small guild represents the city’s scholars, scientists, engineers, and tinkerers. They have an obsession with increasing knowledge. They are those in the city that truly understand how manipulation of Qoam actually works. Even if they are just a small group made up of oftentimes peculiar individuals, they are respected. They are the ones that more than once have made discoveries that helped society progress and use crystals more effectively.

The Faith considers them borderline blasphemous, but have always tolerated their presence because they’ve gained much thanks to their discoveries.

When Magista understood that they may be able to create what would later become the artefact, they pitched the idea to the other guilds to gain funding for the research. Only the Faith understood its importance and contributed. In exchange for their funding, they wanted the Scholars to declare publicly that the Faith’s knowledge helped immensely in the creation of the artefact.

They fund expeditions because they believe that proximity to the Henakor could bring breakthroughs in their experiments and because, truly, they are also just curious to discover the wonders of new lands.

Shinglori - Order of Champions


While not technically a guild, this Order represents the Champions the same way the guilds represents the rest of the population. Being a Champion means being on a different level from the rest of the citizens. It’s a title that comes with honors and duties, one of which is the commitment to total political and theological neutrality. It’s said that the Champions first serve the citizens, then serve the guilds, and only after do they serve the kingdom. The Champions are servants of everyone and for this reason it is required for them to be neutral and not join a Guild. For a Champion, being involved in politics could cost him the title. Shinglori is the Order that represents the Champions. With their vow of neutrality, champions must not enter into a guild because this organization is what ensures that the rights and duties of the Kingdom and of the Guilds toward the Champions are always honored. The leader of this guild is decided by election and cannot remain in power for more than a year.

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