Champions of Ilvash

The whole kingdom buzzed with excitement when the guilds announced that they were going to fund expeditions. Each one would choose a Champion to entrust the artefact to, hiring them to guide an expedition on these new harsh lands. The Champion would represent the interests of the guild in hopes of bringing back great rewards.

“Champion of Ilvash” is a title bestowed to heroes from different backgrounds, with different traits and abilities. Nevertheless, every one of them has shown an extremely high capability in interacting with Qoam and is able to do things that common people would never be able to do. Usually Champions are such masters in manipulating Qoam that over time they build a unique style, specializing in using it in ways that nobody else is capable of replicating.

Champions are revered around the city and live off their talent, selling their services to guilds and private citizens. Even if some of them would join the exploration just for the great monetary compensation, this isn’t the main motivation driving most of them.


Telron is a feared and respected personality of Ilvash, considered by many the most able Qoam manipulator who ever lived. He’s able to do things with the crystal that leave people speechless. Some swear he’s able to move Qoam so far that in the end, they reach beyond his line of sight. Others claim they have seen him moving an enormous quantity of crystals, enough to build huge structures, by himself. Before the invention of the artefact he was the one that was called upon when something big needed to be moved and no one could manage it.

He’s so able because other than his natural talent, he’s spent years and years studying and researching the source of these powers trying to understand how to improve his abilities. Telron is iron-willed and believes his path must be one of constant improvement. Simply being the best in what he does is not enough; he also must constantly better himself and his abilities.

He decides to go for the expedition because he believes that in the islands he could find ways to become even stronger.




Anuth is an ex-soldier, a retired commander that led the Ilvash army to victory in the Great War of Dulkodel. Hardened by innumerable battles, he’s one of the strongest warriors who ever lived, but also a great strategist on the field. He decided to retire after the Great War and now operates his private militia that escorts merchants and precious goods.

He owns a shield made of Qoam that was gifted to him by his mentor when he was recruited into the army. He’s refused to use any other shield and since its Qoam frequency resonates perfectly with him, he’s developed a peculiar fighting style utilizing it to bash and charge his foes. To him, the weapon feels almost weightless, granting a completely unexpected agility.

He strongly believes in Ilvash as a Nation, and he wants to take part in the exploration to help the City progress towards development once again.




Celethe of the family Ahatils was the heiress to the throne of Ilvash. She is the daughter of the King and would have been the rightful owner of the crown when the time came. This was her fate until she renounced her name and refused her rights. Celethe was uninterested in the sort of lifestyle nobles indulge in. She always had a great fascination for Qoam manipulation and great talent for it. But as the life she was born into was predestined for other things, she renounced her birthright to become the apprentice of Telron, the most respected Qoam manipulator. Telron had never had an apprentice, but for Celethe made one exception. When Celethe’s training ended and they parted ways, she managed to use her family name and master’s fame to become a respected manipulator. As revered as Celethe has become, she may one day be the great Telron’s successor.

Celethe wants to take part in the exploration for her desire of making a name for herself, in order to become stronger that one day she might even surpass her mentor.




Leheir was once the leader of a rebel group that attempted to overthrow the Crown of a rival state. They wanted to establish a new absurd form of government that would have been rooted to the will of the population. Her organization lingered in the shadows for a long time, plotting and attempting a revolt, but Leheir’s plans and dreams failed when almost all of her group was arrested during a sting and executed on the spot. Alone, she fled to Ilvash to ask for political asylum. The king would concede only if she agreed to use her knowledge of the rival state and its underworld to conquer it in his name. Her original plan for change became the strategy for a military conquest, that succeeded and strengthened another Kingdom. Leheir is cheered as a conqueror in Ilvash, but deep inside she remains full of sorrow and regret for what she not only allowed to happen, but also played a key role in.

Now, she wants to take part in the exploration as an act of redemption, hoping that in this new land there will be something that can bring her happiness once again.



Sanya grew up near the city walls of Ilvash, an area populated by lower class farmers that traveled daily to farmlands outside the city. Her life was humble, but Sanya has fond memories of those times. Times that abruptly ended the day a Cannibarook attacked the city. On this day a lot of people remained trapped and died below the ruins of the city Walls, including Sanya’s entire family. During this accident, she lost both her legs becoming one of the tragedy’s many victims. Sanya recovered, but losing her family and her mobility took a toll on her that required years to overcome.

After the accident, a physician from the Magista Guild crafted two prosthesis out of Qoam enable her to walk again. The physician made it out of Qoam so that Sanya would use her mental powers to help her movements. What no one anticipated is how quickly she would learn this skill and how much control she would have over the crystal. It soon became clear that she had an innate talent for Qoam manipulation, since Sanya used her mental powers to boost her movements at an incredibly high speed. After just a few years, Sanya’s control over her Qoam legs become complete and she was able to do things with an unnatural agility. It was just a matter of time before she became a Champion of Ilvash.


Kolbor & Malabor


Kolbor and Malabor, known around Ilvash as “the Twins”, refuse to work unless hired together. Very little is known about the Twins, including where they came from. Some stories claim that they arrived from an ancient structure buried beneath the ground, while others say they are from the Five and others even dare to state that they come, somehow, from underneath the clouds. The only thing that is clear is that Kolbor and Malabor made a name for themselves in the shadiest corners of Ilvash.

Kolbor and Malabor do everything in their daily life in complete synchronicity, harmonizing every movement like two mirror images. They always know what the other does, as if each could read the other’s thought. In reality, this mysterious skill most likely is due to the Qoam they have embed in their hands, two symmetrical and identical crystals that resonate at opposite frequencies.

Their behaviour, odd in everyday activities, becomes frightening when they face an enemy. The Twins fight in coordination to the point that they seem to be a single entity, an agile and terrifying being. Their effectiveness during combat, mixed with their unusual appearance and odd behaviour made them famous quickly. They are marked by a stigma of being associated with the Ilvash underworld. Therefore, guilds always make a point to distance themselves from these two brothers.

One day, Kolbor & Malabor were caught breaking into the Varorin’s headquarters, trying to snatch something valuable, most likely for the collection of a wealthy criminal. Varorin officials, known for their savviness, understood that trying to capture these brothers would not end well and decided to let them go without charge for an exchange of work for the guild. The brothers accepted and the problem dissolved quickly and without further issues. What the Varorin official probably had not foreseen when they made this decision was that by law, any citizen that is tasked by a guild to perform extraordinary feats gains the right to bear the Champion name. And so, to the other guilds’ disdain, Kolbor and Malabor entered the same ranks as the other revered Champions of Ilvash.

This did not change the brothers much, and they continued to be odd and secretive individuals closer to the underworld than the rest of the society. But now Kolbor & Malabor can answer the call of the Guilds and carry out remunerative champion tasks.


CR 2T1


CR 2T1, is an ancient machine built by a civilization long gone. This strange invention has mysteriously reactivated itself leaving the whole Kingdom in awe. The Magista are trying to understand what could have caused this strange phenomenon but even more so what the machine was designed to do. But they are far from finding answers.

CR 2T1 was found by Magista fellows during an expedition to some ancient ruins not far from Ilvash. For years the machine was considered nothing more than a strange relic from a past so distant that men could never understand it. CR 2T1 was conserved only as an antiquity in the museum of Ilvash until the day it mysteriously reactivated itself demonstrating that it is a somewhat sentient, albeit extremely strange, being. The machine operates only to help others fulfill their goals, but only if those goals follow a specific moral code of conduct that CR 2T1 is hardwired with. The code is still impossible to fully comprehend for all the inhabitants of Ilvash. During the time that passed since its activation it has helped all kinds of people and organizations, performing charitable actions, but also violent acts of war. It is unclear what CR 2T1 is trying to accomplish or what for the machine constitutes a worthy task, but exploring the new islands is a call it is ready to answer!

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