Mysthea: The Fall is a standalone cooperative game in which players win or lose together.

The objective of the game is to protect the City from the invasion of hordes of creatures, defending it at all costs in this epic final showdown!

The enemies arrive from the islands of Mysthea, now fallen from the sky due to the excessive exploitation of Qoam on the planet surface. Seekers and Champions will be forced to form an alliance to protect the City and ensure their survival against the frenzied horde. The only hope they have of interrupting this invasion is to obtain the Primal Shards from the Colossus to use their ancient energy trying to definitively banish the threat from the planet.

An example of the Eradication action

An example of the Eradication action

Enemies will start the game located in the islands and will swarm towards the City through a card-driven mechanic, similar to the Event Track of the previous games.

Beware that the City will reveal itself to be a useful asset to the party of heroes, as players may deposit resources within its walls, in a shared pool always accessible by all players. Machinery, what is still functioning after the impact anyway, is key to the game resource management and overall warfare operations.

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