The Fall

Mysthea: The Fall is a complete game entirely composed by the two other existing games: Mysthea and Icaion.

The Fall is a cooperative territorial defense game for 2-5 players by Martino Chiacchiera and Marta Ciaccasassi.

In this title a cataclysm has hit Mysthea, making the floating islands that used to circle the crystal to fall down to the lands of Icaion.

The two civilizations finally meet for the first time and are immediately forced to cooperate to stop the advance of frenzied creatures, attracted by the giant crystal inside the City.



The fall is a unique game that comes by uniting 2 other games and the main goal is to defend the City of Icaion from the monsters of Mysthea.

Cooperate with other players to defeat the most powerful enemies and to free the world from the presence of the Colossus!
Build Fortifications in vital nodes to better oversee and control the area. Take advantage of the last standing Machines: buy time, repel the menace, and protect the City!


The relentless abuse of Qoam resources by the society of Icaion made something irreparable happen. The energies from the enormous Henakor seem weakened and the five floating islands that were circling around it started a fall toward the planet below.

Once on the ground, the creatures and monsters that used to live on the islands are now attracted by the crystal. Frenzied by it, the monsters will rush toward the city forcing the two civilizations that just met to cooperate for their survival.

Mysthea components needed:

  • 5 Floating Islands

  • All miniatures

  • 5 Artifact tiles

  • 5 Region Cards and the Storm Card

  • 7 Monster Cards

  • 60 Command Cards of the Era I, Era II, and Era III decks

  • 20 Fortification tokens


Icaion components needed:

  • Game Board

  • Seeker Miniatures

  • Machinery Miniatures

  • Parasite Miniatures

  • Colossus Miniature

  • Colossus Shards

  • Colossus Cards

  • Region Cards

  • Qoam Crystals

  • Emergency Power Supply tokens


Exclusive The Fall components:

  • Seeker Cards “The Fall Edition”

  • Champion Cards “The Fall Edition“

  • Monster Cards “The Fall Edition“

  • Mysthea: The Fall Rulebook

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