Mysthea Board Game

Discover an ancient planet shaken by bizarre forces, where anomalies bend the laws of physics and new life has evolved in strange ways thanks to the power of mysterious crystals. You are tasked with exploring uncharted lands in this competitive area control and hand-management eurogame.

In Mysthea, become a Champion of Ilvash hired by the Kingdom's guilds to explore and gain control of uncharted islands floating around the gravitational force of the enormous crystal embedded in the planet. On these unknown islands, face unimaginable beasts, choose your path and find a way to survive the mysteries and perils of Icaion.

Time-tested euro mechanics get a modern twist and are infused with a strongly thematic design to immerse you in the strange world of Mysthea.

Fight for the control of unexplored floating island, places filled with anomalies and strange monsters. Gather your powers to make entire islands move. Join forces to fight the dreadful monsters that inhabit them creating an army and strongholds on these new frontiers.  

  • Deeply strategic player-controlled dynamic map

  • Thrilling variable scoring system

  • Highly detailed monsters, heroes and troops miniatures

  • Explore, fulfill your destiny and obtain your unique reward

  • Engaging make-your-choice encounters

  • Hefty customization and asymmetric gameplay




Game Components


The game has more than 74 high quality miniatures to immerse deeply in the mesmerizing world of Mysthea.

Each miniature, be it a Champion or a Monster, has its in depth lore and description. In total in each box there are these minis:

  • 7 Champion Miniatures

  • 7 Monster Miniatures

  • 20 Golem Miniatures (10 in each of the two alternative poses)

  • 40 Troop Miniatures (8 in each of the five alternative poses)


Box Contents

  • 1 Gameboard

  • 1 Event Board

  • 5 Floating Islands

  • 5 Player Boards

  • 7 Champion Cards

  • 5 Attunement Cards (Double-sided: Day and Night)

  • 30 Encounter Cards

  • 80 Command Cards

  • 7 Monster Cards

  • 5 Region Cards

  • 1 Storm Card

  • 15 Game Summary Cards in 6 languages

  • 7 Champion Miniatures

  • 7 Monster Miniatures

  • 1 Custom Token Bag

  • 20 Golem Miniatures (10 in each of the two alternative poses)

  • 40 Troop Miniatures (8 in each of the five alternative poses)

  • 5 Artefact Tokens (Double-sided)

  • 5"+100" Glory Points/"+200" Glory Points Markers (Double-sided)

  • 20 Fortification Tokens

  • 5 Energy Tokens

  • 5 Encounter Tokens

  • 5 Mirage Tokens

  • 5 Experience Tokens

  • 5 Glory Tokens

  • 65 Colored Bases (13 for each player)

  • Battle Seals

  • 5 Reference Sheets

  • 1 Rulebook




Lore and History

Millenia ago, a planet called Icaion was hit by a giant crystal of unknown origins from the depths of space. With staggering force, the crystal pierced through the celestial body. The impact was so strong that the planet, and the forces governing it, changed forever.

Fast forward thousands of years. A region made of the chunks of land that broke off from Icaion due to the force of impact is now inhabited by a prosperous society. The lands floating above the clouds were named Mysthea by their inhabitants.

The shards of the crystals that were scattered across Mysthea have been found to possess great powers, which the people have harnessed to perform incredible feats. The crystals are called Qoam and the inhabitants attune themselves to their unique magnetic field to move them telekinetically. The lands of Mysthea are ruled by a Kingdom, but the King has long since ducked into the shadows of his empire, delegating the management of the state to sovereign Guilds. Each Guild is tasked with representing the interests of a particular part of the population.


Recently, for the first time ever, humans have managed to create an artefact that is able to amplify the power humans have over the crystals. One artefact for every Guild was created. They were considered tools of immense power and for a while, they were used rarely, mostly in ceremonious circumstances, until one Guild realized that with the aid of the artefact, they could send an explorer to the uncharted islands floating around the Crystal. For the first time in history, they would be able to explore those terrifying, sacred places. They could touch those lands considered holy by some and damned by others.

The kingdom buzzed with excitement when each Guild announced that they would fund expeditions, entrusting the artefact to a Champion who would travel to these harsh new lands in hopes of finding great rewards.


Humans are naturally able to interact telekinetically with Qoam crystals. But, some are more predisposed than others and are able to perform amazing feats. True masters can use Qoam as weapons, weightless to the user and deadly to their enemies, or to create armor stronger than any other worldly material that doesn’t compromise their mobility. Each master has developed a unique and personal use of the crystals, sensing and seeking out shards that vibrate with a frequency that is easiest for them to attune to.

The Champions of Ilvash come from different backgrounds, and manifest different abilities when interacting with Qoam. They are highly revered and are able to live off their talent. They sell their services to Guilds or to private citizens. Some think they join the expeditions to the unexplored islands for monetary compensation alone, but each of them have ulterior motives for facing such great dangers.


During the long years since the collision, new life spawned alongside humans. This peaceful, and sometimes advantageous, coexistence between monsters and people is taken for granted by the citizens of Ilvash. But those who have experience in the less inhabited regions outside the city walls know that creatures that are common and cooperative in the city can become aggressive in certain areas of the world. When hit by the energy of the Crystal they transform into mighty and terrifying beasts. 

Want to find out all the details of the game’s lore? Want to learn why Onygauros are called the collectors and why Boulron are called Reapers? Curious about the story behind your favourite Champion? What's the inhabitant from below and why it's called this way? Go here to read the complete lore!

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