Returning Backers Gift


Mysthea Backers

Every backer will be able to claim the free Aberration pledging in the first 24 hours, but we have decided to reward all the people who joined our journey in the Mysthea Universe since the beginning.

All our Mysthea backers will have access to this Early Bird offer for the duration of the whole campaign! This means that regardless of when you back the project during the campaign, if you already backed Mysthea you will receive the Aberration, for free!

And this is not all! We also developed an exclusive item that is reserved to our Mysthea backers and that won’t be available anywhere else: a unique set of foil Champions and Seeker cards to enhance your gameplay experience! This will be included in your pledge for free along with the Aberration miniature!

Lastly as a cherry on top, all Mysthea backers that also back Icaion will get their name inside the box!

There are so many gifts that we need a recap! Mysthea backers will get:

  • Name inside the box.

  • Early Bird without time limits.

  • Exclusive set of Foil Cards.

Volfyirion Backers

If you backed both Mysthea and Volfyirion, you will get all the gifts reserved to Mysthea backers, but we will also underline you allegiance giving your name inside the box a bold formatting, making it stand out from the rest!

If you have backed just Volfyirion, your name will instead be featured in the official Icaion Rulebook in an area reserved specifically to honor all our mighty Volfyirion backers!


Late Pledgers

If you bought the Mysthea box as a Late Pledge or during the Volfyirion campaign you gain the Early Bird time extension and the foil cards but not the name inside the box. In the same way the Volfyrion backers don’t get the name in the rulebook.

The reason why we do this is that we appreciate your support, but we need to reward our backers during the campaign.

Early Bird


The Aberration Miniature is a Kickstarter Exclusive.

It is not just a cosmetic upgrade, but it will come with unique rules to play a cool variant of the game, adding a tactical variable to it.

What happens if you miss the Early Bird? The miniature will be available as an add-on, unless you also backed Mysthea! If that’s the case you can claim your Aberration miniature without time limits for the whole duration of the Icaion campaign!

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