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A big display of Icaion

A big display of Icaion

After the success of our previous Kickstarter campaigns, Mysthea and Volfyirion, we are excited to announce the final chapter set in this mysterious world: Icaion.

This new eurogame is the latest installation of the Mysthea Universe. The game tells the story of what lies on the surface of Icaion, the planet below the clouds from which the floating islands of Mysthea detached millennia ago.

Icaion is a competitive Engine Territory Building, Resource Management eurogame for 2 to 4 players players from Martino Chiacchiera and Marta Ciaccasassi. In Icaion you become a Seeker, an expert adventurer, sent out by the Organization to hunt for treasures, Qoam, relics and artifacts from ancient times. You will have to lead a convoy to the barren lands surrounding the City bringing back as much as you can.

Once outside you will compete with other Seekers for resources and lands, with sabotage and subterfuge is always expected from the leaders of the rival expeditions.

Beware, in the farthest lands from the City a titanic being lurks, moving relentlessy while spreading an illness to the world. This Colossus has been a mystery for the people of Icaion and you will inevitably cross its path.

Key Features

  • Limited Early Bird reward available when the campaign launches

  • Original illustrations from acclaimed artist Travis Anderson

  • More than 70 highly detailed miniatures

  • The unique 120mm tall Colossus miniature

  • Bonus Free Game: combine Icaion components with Mysthea ones to create the standalone co-op game “Mysthea: The Fall”

  • In depth lore describing the world of Icaion and expanding the Mysthea Universe further

  • Deploy your machines in strategic places of the map before other players

  • Deploy your Harvesters, Scavengers and Refiners to establish control of areas and exploit it’s resources

  • Go on a quest to activate the special Apparatus in the far craters left by the islands of Mysthea

  • Exclusive Returning Backer offer for our Mysthea backers


Bonus Free Game!

Every player that owns both Mysthea and Icaion can combine the components from both games to create a third fully stand-alone game “Myshtea: The Fall” a cooperative territorial defense game for 2-4 players by Martino Chiacchiera and Marta Ciaccasassi.

In this cooperative title a cataclysm has hit Mysthea, making the floating islands fall down to the lands of Icaion.

The two civilizations finally meet for the first time and are immediately forced to cooperate to stop the advance of frenzied creatures, attracted by the giant crystal inside the City.

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