The Colossus

After the enthusiasm you showed us for the miniature of Volfyirion we decided to continue in this direction creating another terrifying creature living in the Mysthea Universe.

We imagined an imposing and menacing creature that has lived in the world of Icaion since time immemorial and is pervaded by the power of Qoam crystals.

The miniature sketch by Travis Anderson

The miniature sketch by Travis Anderson

No one knows its origin and until recently most didn’t even knew of its existence, it seems to be attracted by the craters from which the floating islands detached millennia ago and the secrets they hide.

The model is full of details that convey its antiquity and its mystery. The most peculiar aspect of this creature is that on his back it established a colony of parasites, attracted by the ancient crystals of the colossus.

This infestation will play a fundamental role in the gameplay of Icaion, since it seems to use the slow movement of the Colossus as a vector to spread all over the place.



Seekers are one of the most important aspects of the game, since they represent the character that the player is going to impersonate during gameplay, for this reason we wanted to give each of them a unique personality and backstory.

There are many reasons for someone to join the Organization: most want to improve their social status, other want to prove themselves, but others have even more complex reasons for choosing such a harsh life. Every time a Seeker goes out with a convoy, he knows that he will have to fight for his survival and that he might not return to the City.


Machines and the Infestation

These miniatures will represent things that will help or hinder the Seekers. The machines are powerful contraptions that once deployed will help with the extraction of valuables from the lands.

Parasites on the other side will prevent this process, menacing the success of a Seeker expedition. For this reason, one of the top priorities for Seekers is to take care of Infestations before they become too dangerous and compromise their operations. Some Seekers tell horrifying stories of these parasites merging together, forming even worse and more dangerous aberrations.

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