Mysthea - Funded on Kickstarter

Mysthea is a hand management and area control eurogame from Tabula Games, where time-tested euro mechanics get a modern twist and are infused with a strongly thematic design to immerse you in the strange world of Icaion.
Fight for the control of unexplored floating island, places filled with anomalies and strange monsters. Gather your powers to make entire islands move. Join forces to fight the dreadful monsters that inhabit them creating an army and strongholds on these new frontiers.

Funded on Kickstarter

  • Deeply strategic player-controlled dynamic map

  • Thrilling variable scoring system

  • Highly detailed monsters, heroes and troops miniatures

  • Explore, fulfill your destiny and obtain your unique reward

  • Engaging make-your-choice encounters

  • Hefty customization and asymmetric gameplay